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"All That Is Not LOVE Is Illusion"

My name is Pax Avatar. Thank you for stopping by to visit.  Please take a few moments to get to know me and my services by following the links below. 

As a reiki master, I am a natural healer and a firm believer that we possess the unlimited ability to heal ourselves and others.  This Universal Life-Force energy can be used to remove the  limitations in all areas of our lives. 

As a psychic I often use the tarot as a "bridge" to my gifts. My primary gift is that of a clairsentient.  I have found that through daily meditation and chakra balancing that the gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience have developed more strongly as well.

     Let me help you to discover who you are; and to create the destiny that you desire.


                             In Love and Light,










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